portfolio review – Taylor O’brien

I have had a portfolio review at Taylor O’ brien before and wanted to show the creative director helen, how I had progressed. Unfortunately, helen was busy on the day of the portfolio review so her colleague came and met me for a portfolio review instead. The portfolio review was really helpful, he said that I had a good contrast of work and good ideas. He liked my mental illness book and the concept of the whole idea. He understood the design and found the photographs aesthetically interesting. He said that it was nice to see a student producing typography, and said that I should use it to my advantage by showing the full typography on a separate poster so that it was set apart as a piece of work on its own. I felt that this was nice idea and ultimately did this for my website and portfolio so that people could recognise it was something I had also done. The first portfolio review I had at Taylor O’ brien was the first portfolio review I had ever had and I was extremely nervous and didn’t talk about my work as if I was proud of it, but the second time around I was expressed my confidence more, and with that the person seeing my work seemed more convinced. I think it is important to show that your confident in your work because the person viewing it isn’t going to try and cheer you up by telling you its amazing, you need to assert that you know its good. After this portfolio review I left feeling happy with the comments and made me carry out the advice that was given.


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