Portfolio review – C21

Whilst on a placement at C21, I asked if they would give me another portfolio review. They were more than happy to help me out. Neil saw how my work had progressed from the time before as he noticed it was in a proper portfolio box instead of being a booklet, something he said I should have done the time before. So he was happy that I took his advice, plus it looks much more professional. He saw some work that he had seen before, but because it was a3 and he could see it more clearly he was able to analyse it better and to give me advice on how to better it or how he appreciated it. He also said that he didn’t have to squint like that last time.

He liked the conceptual photographs in my mental illness book and thought they were striking to look at. He said that the typography was interesting and well informed, he also said that I was able to talk about my work better than the last time and that I showed more confidence not just in the portfolio review but on the current placement as well. He also liked the quircky ness of my lego ad design, he said that it would defenetly make him want to buy his kids lego. He was overall impressed with the change from the previous portfolio review and thought that I was becoming a much more confident and interesting designer. He said that my capabilities were a little different from the average design student, mainly being that I’m a little more conceptual than most but he said that he liked that


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