Zine Fair 2022NQ

I recently went to a zine fair at 2022nq. It was the first time id been to that space, I knew it was newly opened and heavily advertised. The place didnt dissapoint, it was a downstairs venue that had a bar and huge tables for drinking and zine selling. There weren’t too many stalls but it was teaming with zinesters. The first stall we went to was OWT creative, I had never met them before, but i have bought zines from them in magma. Their zines are one of my favourites, the first one I bought was called reprocess. Where they had used works, to print over and over onto. I spoke to them and they explained that they recieved a grant from their university and paid marc the printers to have a day of risographing. I think the end result is great, and a really good experiment with printing methods, After I had been to this zine fair I was thinking about getting my portfolio printed into booklet format for NY so it would be easier to carry. As everyone was talking about Marc the printers, I decided to give them a try, they were a little more expensive than I would usually pay but definatly worth it for the quality.

I also spoke to some illustrators who had left last year who i recognised, they had a stall and were selling there zines. It made me realise that even if i dont get a job or whilst im looking I could start making zines professionally and sell them on a stall. Its something worth thinking about whilst at uni.


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