Ground Zero

Whilst in NY we wanted to see ground zero. It was hard to find at first, it is off Wall st but then tooked away down a hill. The only way we saw it was because there was a massive cue waiting down one side of a building. We joined the cue and moved into the area of ground zero. I didn’t know what to expect I guess the anticipation made me nervous as to what it would look like, but the end result was breathtaking yet eary. The space of the towers is marked out by huge black square fountains, where water runs down hits the bottom of the square and then runs down another square. You cant quite see the full fountain from any side of it you stand because it is so deep, you can only start to see the square at the bottom. There are two of these monumental fountains and both have the names of those who died engraved into their side in which you can touch. I am glad I went and saw it, It was fortunate at the time because of the storm the power was down, normally you have to get a ticket to go but on this occassion they were letting everyone in without tickets.

It was definatly something to remember.


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