Central Park NY

Central Park is the biggest alice in wonderland/willy wonka/fairytale place I have ever been. Its size allows hidden gems tucked away in corners of the park. One of the highlights was finding a little duck pond and band playing. The park is teaming with culture and life, buskers on every corner, food vendors selling nuts and curros. The smells and sights of the park are a magical wonderland.

We tried to barter with the guys who ride the bikes around, but he wouldnt allow any less than £10. I wanted to see the strawberry fields where john lennon was buried. But I didn’t realise how big the park was. The fountains and wildlife is such a juxtaposition from the ‘concrete jungle’. Being in the park, the skyscrapers surrounding are like a frame to the beautiful picture.

From central park I learnt that its beauty is something that needs to be treasured, and its quite amazing how they kept that large patch of land free from buildings, most of the time, they keep building and building and building, but they must have to know buildings down to rebuild. Another thing that I found interesting about new york is that it is on a grid system, the roads are all straight and numbered periodically, its such an easier way of getting around!


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